Business & Finance a Simple Word but a Backbone of Every Country’s Economy.

Finance consists of seven alphabets but when they are joined they are enough to run the whole world.  “People say that world revolves around the sun but the truth is it revolves around the word finance”

Finance originally deals with the allocation of two important things.

ASSETS        (A thing that you have in your hand)
LIABILITIES (A thing that you got in your head that you have to remove)

What all you have to know as a Beginner?  Transparency in savings and investments

A whole finance is based on the theory of economics and the time value of the money!
The word Finance is a joint venture of a three sub categories: Public finance, Corporate Finance, and Personal Finance.

Public Finance – A part of finance which maintains a step by step relation with the government body, it looks after the expenditure of a public sector, the revenue, the budget making process and the municipal boards. In India Reserve Bank of India is the King in public finance, influencing the monetary and credit conditions in the economy and acting as a lender of last resort.

Personal Finance – it comes under the heading of micro economics, as it deals with the person as a one not as a whole, Personal finance is a money management of a common people to secure their present and future.

The wise of personal finance is based on some common questions like; How can I afford better future for my family, How to secure my investments and raise my capitals, How to manage the tax policies imposed by the government, etc.

According to Financial Planning Standard Board (FPSB)

Factors In which you have to Focus

Financial position – It shows the net worth of the person balance sheet that is Assets/Liabilities and through which a planner can set his goals for the planning.
Adequate Production – It deals with the production from future risk and how to minimize it.
Tax Planning – It deals with the understanding of how to take advantage from the tax policies while planning ones personal finance.

Investments – It deals in the purchase of life events such as investing on assets, education, personal satisfaction, buying and selling of stuffs, for the capital funds , and other business related issues.
Retirement Planning – It deals in the better living plan after a retirement of a person i.e. after the retirement an individual who earns nothing but depends on his saving investments so that he can live peacefully.
Estate Planning – Planning for assets after ones death. corporate finance it involve balancing risk and profitability of corporation in order to increase the value of its stock ,it also called investment management .finance is used by  individuals (personal finance)by government (public figures)by business (corporate finance)

Business Related Information

Jobs in corporate finance are also relatively stable while performance in these jobs counts but it’s not like your job it’s going to depend on whether you are selling enough this week or getting good deals finished this quarter . Rather the key to performing will in corporate finance is to work with the long view of what going to make your company successful. Many would argue that corporate finance jobs are the most desirable in the entire field of finance.

Benefits of working in corporate finance are; You generally works in teams , which helps you work with people, its allot of fun to tackle business problems that really matters , the pay in corporate finance is generally quite good, you will have many opportunities to travel and meet people.


“Finance is like shark, not just because it is grey and ruthless, or because it is the thing that no one can tame, but because it has to move or DIE”.