Select the Right Domain Name and Domain Extension Which is Appropriate for your Business

Want to start an online business? Then constructing your business website is very much necessary. Your business website will define and promote your business. But while promoting online business you require a perfect domain name for your website. The domain name will convey the type of business you have opted at the first instant. Alongwith the domain names, domain extensions are also important as they also designate the type of your business.

Make sure to keep a short and recognizable domain name for your website

Always try to make your domain name shorter and easily recognizable. Your domain name relates your business. So it is better to keep the name corresponding to your business. But if your company name contains a hyphen or comma, then avoid using it on your domain name. This can cause innumerable confusions to your customers.

Use keyword in your Domain name

The best way for your website to appear on the very first page of any search engine is to use keywords in the domain names. People won’t search with the name of your company. Rather they prefer to search using some keyword related to the product. For example, people at the first instant will search for “latestmobiles” rather than searching for “XYZmobiles”. So giving a generic name using a perfect common keyword in your domain name would attract your targeted clients.

Know your targeted customer and satisfy their expectations

Your website name represents the business you do. So it is important for you to choose the right name by knowing what kind of customer can visit your site. Sharp administration of your client base and their expectations can lead to a successful online business.

Use a significant domain name

Using a single keyword you can get an innumerable domain names in the search machines. But for the purpose to highlight your business you need to select a unique and significant domain name which can be easily memorized by your customers.

Research to select domain name

Selecting any domain name you wish is not possible. If your domain name is an absolute replica with that of some other website then it may cause some legal issues. So to be at the safe side, research on the domain name you selected and try to find out whether that name is already trademarked or copyrighted.

Also consult a Google Analyst before considering a domain name. Incase you are buying a domain name from an existing holder; make sure to clarify from the analyst whether the site is free from any kind of past penalties.

Select the right Domain Extension

Domain extension of your website, to some extent, relates to the type of your business. So selecting the right Domain extension is also a necessity. Each extension or suffixes at the end of the domain name have distinct functions. For example, ‘.co’ for company, ‘.org’ for non-profitable business, ‘.net’ for technical sites, ‘.info’ for some informational links and many more. In today’s world there are more than 300 domain extensions from which you can easily select one for your business website.

Is .com the right domain extension for your website?

Know the type of your business and the type of website you need to construct. Until and unless, the website corresponds to some Government organization or some non-profitable institution, .com as a domain extension can be easily used. In all the search engines, the .com is considered as the default domain extension. For easier and prompt view of your website, .com as a default domain extension serves the purpose.

Protect your brand with the right domain extension

The cost of buying domain extensions is reasonable and cheap. So it would be a good idea to buy all the available domain extensions for your site. This will attract the higher number of viewers. But for the purpose of protecting the brand name of your website, it is recommended to select the related domain extensions and link it to the homepage of your website.